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At Key Notes Piano Studio, our belief is that every student is on their own musical journey. Layering knowledge and choosing exciting repertoire allows us to aid our students to expand their knowledge in an easy, painless, and stimulating process. By exposing students to different types of music, and encouraging self-expression, we prepare our students for wherever their musical paths lead.

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At Key Notes Piano Studio, we specialize in beginner fundamentals, and know how to reach both children and adult students with the right balance of personalized attention, practical training, and positive encouragement. Additionally, we have a talent for determining which piano pieces each individual would enjoy, keeping students engaged and excited. There is a very strong focus on reading music, correct hand and body posture, and musical expression.  Using a fun, modern approach to teaching theory, we employ games and other immersive activities so that students learn in the most enjoyable way possible.



We are pleased to offer Summer Camp: Intro to the Piano for the first time in June & July 2019! This is a wonderful opportunity to expose your complete beginner to the piano without any long-term commitments or expensive instrument purchases. For ages 8-14.

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